Thursday, December 18, 2008

Finding Your Voice As A Speaker

One can find their voice as a speaker by doing all things related to speaking. For example I host an internet radio show titled, The Wealthy Speaker Show.

Why? It affords me the opportunity to brand myself and expand to a larger listenership. I interview professional speakers, authors, speaking coaches, millionaires, Hollywood interviewers, entrepreneurs and a full list of people who are making a difference.

I'm a professionally trained speaker and voice over expert. In other words, I do all things centered around the speaking industry.

The key to becoming an expert at speaking is to speak often. By the way, the more you do something the better you get at it.

I highly encourage you to work on your craft, always invest in yourself as a speaker and you'll get better and better with time. So the next time I read about you, hopefully you will be on the platform resonating with your audience, delivering a speech, poetry, participating in a panel discussion, doing theater work, hosting your own radio show or doing television interviews.

Here's to your success. The key to becoming a successful fee paid speaker is to invest in your yourself.

Paul Lawrence Vann
Speaking Coach and Training
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