Sunday, March 1, 2009

Platinum Speaker Coaching Program

Who else wants to make six figures as a professional speaker? All hands should go up because making six figures in the speaking industry is very achievable.

Paul Lawrence Vann's 2nd Annual Platinum Speaker Coaching Program ended April 6. You can purchase Paul's six-CD set to learn how you can become a powerful professional speaker.

To learn more about Paul's Platinum Speaker Coaching Program, listen to his live "open mic" talk show and listen to the questions callers from New York, Arizona, South Carolina, DC and Maryland asked about his speaker coaching program.

Also listen to some of Paul's former students who called in to provide live testimonials about their unique experience, visit:

Position yourself to become a professional fee paid speaker by registering today, select one of the investment options to the right. Recurring billing is available, full payment is available and we have three additional options: Gold, Silver, Bronze speaker coaching programs exclude website and book development.

Paul's proprietary Platinum Speaker Coaching Program consists of an A-Z approach which involves coaching clients to understand they're in business and must embrace a full commitment to fulfill their reading assignments, writing assignments, actively participate in the six-week teleconference calls and be prepared to speak in front of live audiences at the earliest opportunity possible.

After registering for the six-week Platinum Speaker Coaching program, customers will receive the dial-in conference number and conference bridge number for coaching sessions. Each session lasts an hour and if you miss a coaching session, you will receive the recorded session via email attachment, this creates continuity to enhance your learning experience.

Students registering for our Platinum One-on-One Speaker Coaching receive additional coaching sessions along with a website book development.

Paul Lawrence Vann's first speaking coach was the late Dottie Walters. Dottie had over 50 years of speaking experience and taught him everything about the speaking industry and he credits her for his success as a professional speaker.

Six-Week Platinum Speaker Coaching session:

Date: Open, finalizing new start date

Time: 6:00-7:00 pm eastern standard time (EST)

Coaching Tools: Teleconference, phone, email, fax, internet phone

Paul is looking forward to working with you and coaching you to become successful fee paid speaking professionals. Your time is now, make six figures and live your dreams as a successful fee paid speaker.

Speaker Coaching Testimonials from Graduates:

C. J. Gross Testimonial

"I knew I needed to hire a coach and I saw an advertisement for Paul's Platinum Speaker Coaching Program and attended his live two-day program at the National Harbor Resort. What's great about Coach Paul's speaker coaching program is that you not only learn his strategies to help you generate more revenue, but you get him as a mentor as well, you simply can't ask for more than that. I also decided to quit my job with my employer to speak full time this would not have been possible without attending the Platinum Speaker Coaching program, I highly recommend hiring Coach Paul."

Judith McDonald testimonial:

"I lead a nonprofit organization named Wishing Well Inc., that focuses on eradicating veteran homelessness. I decided to attend Coach Paul's Platinum Speaker Coaching Program because I had a huge obstacle to overcome. I had a fear of public speaking. Today I speak to large audiences, small audiences and one-on-one with local government leaders and this would not have been possible without the coaching I received from Paul. Paul is a power networker as well, I needed a speaker for my 2nd Annual Benefit ceremony and Paul called upon his former commander, Lt Gen Russell C. Davis to be our keynote speaker. Lt Gen Davis is currently President of Tuskegee Airmen, Inc., Coach Paul is easy to work with and a great mentor as well."

Eric Cade testimonial:

"I'm legally blind, yet Coach Paul never once treated me any different than any other student attending his program. What I enjoyed most about his Platinum Speaker Coaching Program was the fact, he gave us everything he had, literally! For example, he provided copies of his actual one sheet, bio, topic list and marketing and promotion items, in other words a full speaker kit. Why reinvent the wheel, we didn't have to create all of th marketing material like some programs do. Coach Paul added a special bonus for me, he helped me set up my Blog Talk Radio Show. Paul didn't have to do it, but he did. Run don't walk to sign up for Coach Paul's speaker training, it will change your life. I'm blind, if I can do it, so can you, so what are you waiting for?"

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