Saturday, June 27, 2009

Platinum Speaker Coaching Teleseminar - CD

Thumbs up to all of the registrants who were on the Platinum Speaker Coaching Teleseminar, because you made the 90 minute intensive a success.

New and experienced speakers were on the call and they received content rich information leading to securing a foothold in the speaking industry and as experience speakers who secure more bookings and higher fees.

You have the opportunity to purchase these amazing CD, so you can learn how to establish your speaking business; topics; willing to learn how to overcome your fear of speaking; learn techniques to get out of trouble while on the platform seamlessly; write dynamic speeches; marketing; incorporating social media marketing; joint ventures; creating products and understanding how to market to your niche market.

Purchase your copy of Platinum Speaker Coaching Teleseminar - CD. You are going to learn how to start where you are as a new speaker and enhance your career as a experienced speaker.

Purchase your copy at the upper right corner of this page titled: "Platinum Speaker Coaching Teleseminar - CD."

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Speaker Coaching Teleseminar, June 27

Now more than ever people need inspiration, motivation and to be empowered to overcome these tough economic times. The challenges are great, yet there are not enough great speakers around to move audiences in the direction they desire to go.

Are you ready to leave your mundane life behind and join the ranks of the professional speaking industry? If you are, join Paul Lawrence Vann, Platinum Speaker Coach for an exciting journey from no experience to seasoned speaker.

On June 27, 10:00 - 1:00pm, EST, Paul Lawrence Vann host the Platinum Speaker Coaching Program. Registrants will learn:

1. What motivates them to become a professional speaker.

2. The art and science of professional speaking.

3. Professional speaking is a business, not a hobby.

4. What are the hottest topics in the speaking industry.

5. Always be marketing, its the life blood of speaking.

6. How to develop a speaker kit.

7. Learn how to embrace media like a pro.

8. To write high impact speeches to catapult their performance.

These and many other speaking "insider secrets" will be revealed , so you can hit the platform speaking in as little time as possible. Register today, lines for the Platinum Speaker Coaching Teleseminar is filling up fast. Prompt on the payment option on the top right side of this page or register at

I look forward to leading the Platinum Speaker Coaching Teleseminar, join me for a fun-filled experience.

Paul Lawrence Vann

Platinum Speaker Coach

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